naillie™ UV-Free Clear Nail Extension Kit (100 tips)

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This complete kit includes 100 clear nail tips and 1 UV-free nail bond. Simply apply the bond on the nail tips and press on your natural nails. Dry and done in seconds! Apply regular nail polish or nail art for an extra glam look! 

  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Comes with 10 different nail tip sizes to perfectly fit your nails.

  • SALON QUALITY: Made of professional-grade acrylic nails with high flexibility and strength against breakage.
  • TRIMMABLE: Easy to trim and shape to desired nail styles.

  • UV-FREE NAIL EXTENSION: Requires no salon visit or expensive nail device to get profession nail extension results.
  • LONG LASTING: Ultra long wearing nail bond lasting up to 4-6 weeks without chipping.
  • SAFE TO USE: Non-toxic and safe to use. Gentle on nail bed and cuticles.

  • EASY TO USE: Simply apply nail bond and press against nails. Quick drying and done in seconds.

How To Use:

  • Apply a thin layer of nail bond evenly on nail tips.
  • Press against natural nails and hold firmly for 10 seconds.
  • Trim to desired shape if needed
  • Apply nail polish or nail art to further style (Optional)


  • Material (Nail tips): Acrylic
  • Net content(Glue): 7g


  • 100 x Nail Extension Tips OR
  • 100 x Nail Extension Tips + 1 x UV-free Instant Nail Glue OR
  • 1 x UV-free Instant Nail Glue

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