Silicone Nail Art Stamper Set

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21 Patterns. Creative Manicure at Home. Stamp & GO! 

Regular polish can do the job! 


  • An easy approach to nail art. When you don't have time or the skill to freehand, or you just like a perfect nail design on BOTH of your hands... This Nail Art Stamper got you covered! 
  • Simple to use. Apply a small amount of the nail polish you want to use on the tips to the surface of the stamper. Then dip each tip of the nail into the stamper’s surface, and within seconds get a perfectly neat set of nails.
  • Soft and picks up even the smallest details. Extremely soft with a tacky and sticky finish to pick up even the smallest details and reach the edge of most curved nails with no effort.
  • Clear silicone. We designed a clear color for you to see the position where you want to place the pattern. Easier to pick up patterns from plates. 

How To Use: 

1. Apply Base Coat and a Base Color of your choice. 

2. Paint on the stencil and Scrap with the scraper. 

3. Pick up the pattern using the silicone stamp. 

4. Stamp on your nail before the polish dried up. 

5. Apply Top Coat 


  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches; 
  • Silicone


1 x Silicone Nail Art Stamp

1 x Nail Art Stencil

1 x Scraper

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