Eyebrow Soap Kit

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Set Your Brows in Place. Fuller. 

Brow Soap. Lifts, Tames, and Sculpts every hair with extreme hold. 

    • Mild formula, soft on skin
    • Sweat & Water-proof, great for Summer 
    • Fluffy, brushed-up look lasts all day 

Spoolie. Shaping the brows by brushing thoroughly. 

    • Perfectly angled, elongate and clean up the look
    • Separate each hair for more fluttery effect 

Facial Razor. Remove unwanted hair and dead skin. 

    • Microblade, remove peach fuzz easily
    • Foldable and lightweight, safe carrying

This product is safe for skin, allergy-free

How to Use: 

  1. Clear unwanted hair and shave the brows to ideal length
  2. Fill up the spraying bottle with water
  3. Slightly wet the spoolie by spraying water on it and drag it across the brow soap 
  4. Thoroughly wipe on the brows while achieving the shape 
  5. Brows glued naturally into place

**Applying too much may cause brows to lather and look little white**  


  • Weight: 10g 


Brow Styling Soap x 1, Spoolie (brow brush) x 1, Face Razor x 1, Spraying Bottle x 1

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order