Bubble Lip Scrub

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This lip mask will exfoliate and hydrate your chapped lips with bubbles! Say goodbye to dry lips and say hello to luscious and soft lips for days.


  • Bubbles and natural extracts. Traditional lip scrubs usually have an abrasive texture, but this lip scrub exfoliates the delicate skin on your lips with the combination of fun little bubbles and fruit extracts.
  • Makes your lips soft. Bubbles-away dead skin cells and leave lips amazingly soft and smoothens roughness and hydrates your lips.
  • Cleans your lip make-up. Tough enough to remove long-lasting lip products, but still gentle enough for everyday use. Make it a part of your everyday routine for a healthier, happier pout.
  • Easy to use. Gently massage the scrub into your lips before applying lip makeup or to cleanse heavy lip makeup. Allow it to bubble for five minutes, then smooth out the bubbles with your finger. Keep rubbing until the bubbles have been removed, then wipe away with a damp cloth or towel before finishing with your favorite lip moisturizer.


1 x Bubble Lip Scrub (12g)

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