Guide to Choose the Eyebrow You Want

Guide to Choose the Eyebrow You Want

A pair of nice eyebrows can brighten up your face and bring out your best features (you know what I mean if you have seen pictures of celebs’ brows being removed).

But, picking the right brows is tricky (and who says we have to stick with only one brow shape?). How to choose between a gentle curve, sharp arch, or a straighter structure? We’re here for you! 

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High Arched Brows: More Structure

A fuller, with a sharp high-arched brow can create a visually slimmer face.  (Recommend: rounder face type) will give a structure to a rounder face. It will create an illusion of a slimmer face. 

1. Fill your brows at the arch, make them slightly darker to emphasize the shape. 2. Brush your brows upwards to help lift your face. 3. Add a little highlighter to your brow bone to lift the brow even higher.

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Soft, Rounded Brows: Balances a Longer Chin 

A soft arch can shorten a longer chin. A fluffy full brow also worked really well in balancing because the widest area of their face is the brow area and it won’t get easily overwhelmed with too much brow. (Recommend: Heart-shaped Face) 

Thick, Flat Brows with a Soft Arch: Create a softer shape

A higher, curved arch can soften and elongate your face. It helps to off-set the hard angles of a square shape. But, please remember, taking the tail too low can bring the eye shape downwards. (Recommend: Square-shaped Face) 

Extra tip: The distance of your eyes is also key to creating your perfect brow. Always take this into consideration when deciding where your brows should start and end. 

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Curved Brows: Shorten the Face

The goal for curved brows is to shorten your face. A curved brow with an angled arch can lengthen the widest part of your face to balance a sharper jawline and lift your face upwards. (Recommend: Diamond-shaped face/ Narrower chin/ Wider, High cheekbones) 

Long Flat Brows: Widen the Face


If you have a long, narrow face shape, the goal is to add width to your face by drawing eyebrows horizontally. Avoid high arches, this will make your face appear thinner. A fluffy brow also works really well because it offsets the length of the face. (Recommend: Long-shaped face) 

Embrace Any Shape: Oval-shaped Face

An oval-shaped face can do almost no wrong. Those with an oval face shape can slay any brow shape. The best approach is to let your natural brows guide you. Stick to a full natural brow with a soft arch. 

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There is no one-rule-fits-all because doing makeup is all about feeling good about yourself! Change style anytime you want and be experimental.