Cushion vs Powder: Differences and When to Use Which

Cushion vs Powder: Differences and When to Use Which

Hard to choose between cushion and powder? Which one to use for foundation and blush? Which is more suitable for you? Keep reading for the answers: 


Cushion has a light and airy formula that leaves a dewy, cooling, and hydrating feeling to the skin. They work well on top of creamy products that are designed to be buildable. For blushes, the cushion can gives your cheek a natural-looking color.

Easier to blend in nature, even with hands or a sponge. You have more control over how intense you want the color to be, and you never have to worry about clown cheeks. (Big NO!) 

"Cushion Blushes works well with people with dry skin." 

Cushion products are especially great for DRY skin with its moisturizing texture. They give skin a more youthful appearance and look more natural.

"Must have in Winter." 

Cushion blush also works well in winter because of its hydration powder for dry skin. Our tip, blend it in slowly and avoid broad strokes so you don’t end up with unsightly streakiness. 


Known for its visible color pay-off, it feels and acts like your typical translucent powder once it’s layered on top of your skin or cheekbones. Powder blushes are versatile. Usually applied with a brush, you can pick up more or less product depending on the look you are going for. 

“Work well with normal to oily skin.” 

Powder blush is better suited to OILY skin. It absorbs oil, won’t and provides some mattifying effect to reduce shine. It is ideal for normal to oily skin, people with dry skin should be careful as it can enhance lines and pores on face. 

QUICK TIP: Be sure to tap off excess product off your brush before buffing it in; powders are trickier to take off, so less is more in this instance.