BB Cream, CC Cream, and Foundation: Which One’s Right For You?

BB Cream, CC Cream, and Foundation: Which One’s Right For You?

To achieve perfect makeup, having a flawless base is the basic of the basics. With tons of options out there, it is particularly tricky to identify the differences between them, needless to mention choosing the most suitable product for yourself. 

BB Cream, CC cream and Foundation all serve the coverage purpose, vary by the degree of effects and each come with different additional functions. Let us break it down for you in the simplest way and introduce you a all-round solution: 3-in-1 Color Correct Makeup Base 

BB Cream (a.k.a Beauty Balm/ Blemish Balm) 

Contains antioxidant, serum, moisturizer, pigments, sunscreen, and other skin-boosting ingredients

BB cream offers the lightest coverage but with the greatest skin care benefits, including sun protection, hydration and shine control. Since BB cream only does light coverage, it is perfect for sheer makeup that leaves you feeling lightweight and without looking overdone. 

Great for people with:

  • DRY Skin. People with dry skin can choose BB cream that contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol and ceramides 

  • SENSITIVE Skin. BB Cream is a skin-first product that achieve various skin care goals. 

CC CREAM (Color Control/ Complexion Corrector) 

CC Cream offers greater coverage, thus it is thicker and heavier in texture. As color correction is its main purpose, CC cream can effectively cover up redness, dark under-eye circle, acne scarring, unevenness etc. More liquid-like than foundation, CC cream works very well in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. 

CC Cream works well with people:

  • OILY skin. With CC Cream’s matte texture, there’s less chance for it to slip and slide on your skin.

Our tip: Use CC Cream as a color-correcting primer underneath your foundation. Doing this allows you to completely even out your skin tone with skin-loving packed ingredients! 

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Foundation offers the fullest coverage. It has the greatest consistency compared to BB creams and CC creams. It comes in many colors and tones. From light and beige to cocoa and dark, there is a wide range of shades available. Comes in many different forms, including liquid, powder, cream, and compact.

Foundation for skin type:

  • Oily Skin. Use a powder foundation or an oil-free liquid one that’s matte and lasts more than 12 hours.

  • Dry Skin. Look for liquid foundations with keywords like 'medium coverage,' 'natural,' 'dewy finish,' or 'buildable.'

  • Sensitive Skin. Avoid foundation that has certain ingredients that can irritate your skin like alcohol and fragrance. Also, mineral oil and talc is a big no-no. 

3-in-1 Color Correct Makeup Base  

Contain 3 type of makeup base that satisfy different needs including coverage, moisturisation and color correction. 

Purple tone - Correct yellow undertones, dark spots, sun spots, pigmentation + discoloration. 

Pink tone - Add natural pink glow; Corrects dull tones, under-eye circles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, blemishes, and shadows.

Green tone - Correct facial redness caused by rosacea, acne, sunburn, and broken capillaries. 

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